Lifestyle Change Workshop

This weekend my wife and I finally got the opportunity to hear my friend Bryan Ganey tell his story of hard work and determination that helped him loose ~400lbs with no surgery or special diets.  There were also a couple of guest speakers.  The first was “Captain Chris” from Trader Joe’s who brought such great healthy food for us and also spoke briefly about the inner workings and magic that happens daily at the store to provide the best quality merchandise.  It is truly awesome.  We then heard from Mike Campbell “The Fat Guy”, who told his amazing story of Hopeless to Amazed.  He recently wrote a piece for Charleston’s Oblique Magazine entitled “Are you Fed Up”.  Next was Bryan’s Inspirational story followed by a nice frozen treat sent to us by the great folks at Artic Zero  as we readied for Ashley Thomas’ presentation about the benefits of eating a plant based diet.  Ashley is a Registered Dietitian who runs The Fresh Beet website which is packed with fantastic nutritional information and great recipes.  Concluding Ashley’s presentation, there was a drawing for various items ranging from food journals to gift cards and books.  Bryan accepted food donations for the Low Country Blessing Box project, which provides a way for anyone to help those in need by donating non perishable food items making them available to anyone anonymously.  The event was fantastic and well received by everyone.  I can’t wait to see what Bryan does going forward with his motivational speaking.

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  1. Glad y’all made it!!

  2. Redette Garner says:

    Wow, such good information. It will help me!

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